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Anime Writers Wanted: Become A Contributor & Share Your Passion For Anime

Anime Motivation is all about motivating anime fans worldwide, and sharing life lessons.

That’s how it all started.

Beyond that there’s the weekly blog with resources, opinion-pieces, unique news and lists.

The website’s mission:

Make a difference in the anime community.

To do that your help would make a difference.


This is what we’re looking for:

  • Are you passionate about Anime?
  • Do you check up on anime news, blogs, and new shows to stay up to date?
  • Can you write? Are you a native English speaker? Or a non-native with good English skills?
  • Do you have your own Anime blog? (This isn’t required).
  • Are you looking for an online platform to share your work and passion for Anime?

If you answered yes to any or most questions, then get in touch with Anime Motivation.

NOTE: This is not a paid position.



  • 100% Original content (no duplicates/plagiarism).
  • Write posts between 500 – 2000+ words. In-depth or unique posts do best.
  • Make sure WHAT you send over hasn’t already been done by checking out the blog. Or using the “search” function.
  • Content/headlines will be edited before going live.


Topics to write about:

  • Anime recommendations.
  • Opinion Pieces.
  • Anime life lessons.
  • Inspirational posts from an anime point of view.
  • And anything seen on the blog (make sure you check it out beforehand).

Educational posts (How To) works as well.


Benefits of contributing to Anime Motivation:

  • An author bio box and image (if you choose) to showcase who you are to readers.
  • Anime Motivation reaches over 1-2M+ visitors per month as of 2020.
  • All content is published across social networks like Pinterest, F.B, etc, which has over 20-30+ million viewers per month.
  • Get in front of a growing audience of fans.
  • No obligations. You can set your own writing schedule.
  • As the site becomes bigger and more successful, better opportunities for writers will arise.


One more thing:

Every time your post is published you’ll be notified by email. So you can start sharing it and spreading the word!

If you’re ready to get started, you can:

  • Send over your content via a WORD doc (Google Docs, Microsoft Word) or a similar format.
  • Make sure you don’t include images in the word document.
  • Send any photos for your content as an attachment in the email instead (or Google Drive).
  • Your email should be sent to: contribute@animemotivation.com

As long as you make sure your content hasn’t been covered before, and it’s not a duplicate of content online, your post is likely to be accepted.

Get started now!